Game Details and Updates

6.4.15 - We are 85% funded on Kickstarter!  Keep spreading the word and let's make this happen!

After rounds and rounds of play-testing, we've heard everyone's suggestions and have made some great improvements to the game. Here are some things to look forward to:

Goat Labs - We will be adding at least two Goat Lab cards to the main version of the game.  Now each set with come with 12 Goat Labs to make sure your goats are more powerful than ever!  As the game isn't finalized yet, we are still play testing additional ways to make the Goat Labs even more useful and enjoyable throughout the game!

Move Cards - We are going to jazz these up a bit, fill them with the goat puns they deserve, and provide a little more variety with the moves your goats can make. 

Locked and Loaded - with the introduction of our goat gems used to fund your Goat Labs, we are changing this particular card up a bit. This card will still provide you with goat funds, just not enough to fund the most powerful goat labs.  Zombie Kitty is just too powerful and needs some taming!  

We are also continuing to work on finding the right balance of funding amounts between the various Goat Lab cards.  Please shoot us an email if you have any comments or suggestions:

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