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Preorder NOW to be the first to play! Expected to ship January 2024

- 2-4 players

- 30-45 minute playtime

- Ages 8+


Step into the vibrant universe of We Have Goats! where strategy and laughter collide in an entertaining fusion of fun and wit. This board game is your gateway to a night filled with joy, intelligent planning, and pleasant surprises. Navigate through ever-changing terrains with your herd of goats, unlock quirky superpowers, and devise strategies to outsmart your opponents in a delightful race to victory. Each game offers a new, exhilarating challenge with a dynamic board and a hand of strategy cards that are never the same twice. Players will find themselves immersed in a world of humorous twists, including uproarious events like the "goatastrophe" and the whimsical antics of fainting goats. 

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How to Play

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